Mariel Dupetit, is the first Argentinian artist, winner of the "Gaviota de Plata" for Best Performer at the Festival de Viña del Mar, Chile.
Cultural ambassadress of the city of Mar del Plata

Voting member of "The Recording Academy" and "THE LATIN RECORDING ACADEMY", entities that deliver the awards "Grammy."

In 1986 she recorded for CBS , her first album "Mariel Dupetit", with the theme "A City for Live", that has become the song of Mar del Plata City..

Her second album is "Let us run to love."

In " Tío Curzio", Mar del Plata, shares the stage with Armando Manzanero, Luis Aguilé, Antonio Prieto, Nicola Di Bari, Walter Ríos, Estela Raval, Roberto Yanés, Leonard Baccardi, Juan Carlos Mareco, Anibal Berraute, among others.

Starfish Award, with Paz Martinez in the show "To Begin Life"

Far from his land, she was seduced by the tango.

Special guest at the Club Tropigala Fontainebleau Hilton, Miami, leading the show produced and directed by Eber Lobato.

Guest artist in the espectacle "A Tribute to Piazzolla" at the Museum of Modern Art, Miami.

Guest artist at the reopening of the Lyric Theatre of Miami, representing the music of Argentina.

She has performed in USA, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil and Italy.


At Jaleo Records & Publishing , USA : former director of developing new talent.

Artistic Advisor: Alicia Machado: Use. Streaky: Spain, Carolina Lao: Colombia, Xeronimo: Mexico, among others.


It is released the CD "Tangos" in USA, by Universal Records.


Back in Argentina she was invited by Maestro Walter Ríos to participate in the cycle "Ensayos " under different scenarios, Pygmalion, Festival Internacional de Tango de Buenos Aires 2007, Torquato Tasso, Hall of the San Martín Theatre , among others.

Melopea edit the CD " Afternoon of July " along with "Walter Ríos Trio."

"Afternoon of July " is an album born of the shared concerts by Walter and Mariel.

A harmonious singing and a special instrumental repertoire, that grows, song to song, in the interpretation of classic and contemporary tangos .

This is the first time that Walter Rios has made an album with a singer. And no doubt ... Mariel's voice is giant, and she is at the height of the Rios bandoneon.

Rios and Dupetit, interpreted in this album a flawless repertoire of tangos, and together they create climates of deep emotion for the spectators.

This year she focuses almost exclusively on the artistic production, vocal advisor, editing and mixing on the albums of Jesus Hidalgo and Pablo Banchero.

Guest Artist of the Walter Ríos Octect in two concerts tribute to Astor Piazzolla at the Pasadena Civic Theater, USA.
On August 18, appears as guest singer in a concert tribute to Walter Rios, at the Teatro Presidente Alvear.
Competition Jury "Hugo del Carril" of the Department of Music of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Premiere of the espectacle " Dreams and Loves" with Walter Ríos, at the Alliance Française Theatre, during the months of January and February. Together they achieve a wonderfull symbiosis that caress the most beautiful melodies of all time.
On May 25, as part of the celebrations of the bicentenary of Argentina, with Walter Ríos presents "Dreams and Loves" at the Teatro Ideal of Venado Tuerto City.
CD release "El Duende de tu Son " with María de la Fuente & Walter Ríos, in which Mariel participates in the artistic production.

August 28: Guest Singer of " Walter Rios Trio" at the Coliseum Theatre, within the World Tango Festival of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
October 23: guest singer of "Walter Ríos Company" in the show presented at the "Stade de France" Paris.

Mariel is an artist of great sensitivity and a strong stage presence, which results in mobilizing emotions in each of their presentations.